Alive and kicking

Lately we have seen the airsoft struggles in California, we think it’s important to unite as airsoft players! Also in Europe! Therefore support the EAA and contribute where possible. Here is our latest news update:

Going social
The EAA is already a while on twitter (!/europeanairsoft), we also launched our facebook fan page now:
Mainly to create awareness, keep people informed and request feedback. Follow us and like our fan page! You can also participate in our forums…

National Representatives
We are looking for national representatives willing to ACTIVELY participate in the EAA. Please contact us! For those who do not yet have 1 national association, please first arrange this nationally and start working together.

On our homepage there is a possibility to register for our newsletter, stay informed!
Check our first newsletter here: (there is a very convenient translate button…)

The board
Currently the EAA has no board, however the following 13 countries do participate and have shown active interest in the EAA:

  • Portugal (FPA)
  • United Kingdom (UKAPU)
  • Belgium (AAB)
  • The Netherlands (NABV)
  • Ireland (IAA)
  • Germany
  • Spain (FEA)
  • Turkey (TAC)
  • Switserland (ASVD)
  • Italy (ASNWG, CSEN, GAS)
  • Sweden (Sverok)
  • Croatia (CAF)
  • Ukraine (UAF)

We hope France, Austria and Poland will follow soon. Together with all national representatives we will set the mission statement of the EAA and elect a new board.

EAA Board Member. Into Airsoft since 2002.

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