Our Mission


Copied from our constitution;


  • To ensure that the hobby is able to continue in Europe into the future and without unnecessary restriction.
  • To enhance the enjoyment of the hobby for players residing in Europe.
  • To enhance and encourage professionalism and democracy in European national airsoft associations, and increase participation.
  • To enable European national associations to communicate and collude
  • To encourage unity amongst airsoft players, regardless of national borders
  • To help the European airsoft industry thrive
  • To help realise friendships and community spirit amongst all airsoft players in Europe, regardless of nationality, race or religion.


  • To encourage all European airsoft associations to support and become members of the EAF.
  • To ensure that all members abide by an approved constitution.
  • To represent the hobby to the institutions and bodies of the European Union
  • To allow players to have their opinions, interests and objectives for the hobby and the association to be taken into account via a democratic process.
  • To enable players and organisers to link up and enable participation in local, regional and international events.
  • To promote the hobby as a positive activity to the general public by responding to negative depictions of airsoft skirmishing and equipment in the media and proactively promoting the hobby.
  • To educate players as to safe use of airsoft replicas on and off of the field.
  • To ensure players, shops and organisers adhere to the law and encourage ethical and responsible conduct.
  • To spread awareness of the associations and its aims.
  • To encourage transnational gaming and competition
  • To maintain a positive relationship with non European airsoft associations which share our values.