Airsoft might soon be legal in Holland!

NABV LogoAirsoft might soon be legal in Holland! The Dutch Airsoft Association NABV ( recently reported very interesting developments regarding airsoft in Holland. After 7 years of lobbying and hard work the board of the NABV managed to get Airsoft on the political agenda in Holland.On Feb 16th there was meeting of the parlement in The Hague, this was an initiative of Dutch parties PVV, VVD, CDA and PvdA. At the end of this debate the Dutch Secretary for Justice promissed to alow airsoft devices in Holland.

This does not mean Airsoft devices are directly legal and available in Holland, first the Justice department needs to create clear legislation how airsoft will be possible in the near feature. There are good hopes this will be fineshed and active before the end of 2011. The NABV will take an active part in the composition of this new legislation and will soon be invited by the department of Justice to discuss this matter.

Certain is that Airsoft wil get a place into the Dutch legislation soon or later. This is really great news for the Dutch Airsoft community! The NABV would like to thank all of you for your support…

Check for more information the NABV website at (Dutch only)

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