Operation MEP

Airsoft players of Europe- this is it. This is the big push, this is where you can save airsoft in Europe or let it be crushed. As you probably already know, the EC has presented a proposal to amend the firearms directive. There’s some really heavy handed stuff in the proposal, but the worst for airsofters is that they want ALL REPLICAS to be classed as firearms. This is going to make most airsoft replicas prohibited, make the few remaining ones licensed, and this will kill airsoft. This is how we fight it;

TASK 1: SEND LETTERS NOW! On the link below is a pre prepared letter which you can copy and send to your MEPs. Search on-line, find your MEPs email addresses, copy and paste this letter (and modify it however you like).

TASK 2: SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THE PAGE! Make sure your friends, everyone you play with and interact with knows about this draft letter, let the shops know, the sites, the forums, everyone! Too many people are in the dark about this sudden and huge problem.

TASK 3: TRANSLATE! We’ve started with the English version but within a week I would like to see the post available in all of the 23 recognised languages of Europe. If the letter is not available on the page in your language, translate it and email the translation to us ASAP president@europeanairsoftfederation.eu and we’ll add it to the site.

It would really help if you posted the replies you receive on this page https://www.facebook.com/groups/455851477935788/?fref=ts or email them topresident@europeanairsoftfederation.eu so we can see how things are going and spot supporters in particular committees.

Don’t forget to insert your name, and add your MEPs name. Don’t forget to add your address to the top if you are posting a letter.

Here’s the link to the letter;


Like us on Facebook or watch this news page for more information as it comes in https://www.facebook.com/europeanairsoft/?fref=ts

Matt Furey-King, President European Airsoft Association

EAA Board Member. Into Airsoft since 2002.

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