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EAA Logo Competition


The European Airsoft Association is entering a new phase and to mark this we are changing our branding. Most importantly we will be selecting a new logo which we are going to source from you, the airsoft players we represent at a European level. We invite airsofters from all over Europe to submit logo designs, initially in Jpeg format. Images must be around 2000×2000 pixels.

The winning designer will receive this awesome prize pot, full of goodies which will make awesome additions to any players kit box!

WE XDM 4.0 Pistol (£99.99 / €117 from JD Airsoft) http://www.jdairsoft.net/product/35450213-f928-468f-8f21-6f6eef837ba3.aspx

1 Years subscription to Airsoft Action Magazine (£43.00 / €50.94 from Virtual Newsagent) http://www.virtualnewsagent.com/airsoft-action-12-issue-subscription/

Redox 11,1V LiPo 1200 mAh 20C (£12.52 /  €14.83from Gunfire) http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152198574-Akumulator-Redox-LiPo-1200-mAh-11-1V-20C.html

HDR Shield Tactical Gloves – Black (£13.60 / €16.54 from Gunfire- size selected by winner) http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152198081-Rekawice-taktyczne-HDR-Shield-Black.html

Mortus Ultimate Tactical Mask V2 – Black / Sliver (£10.02 / €11.88 from Gunfire) http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152198272-Maska-Ultimate-Tactical-Mortus-V2-Black-Sliver.html

5.56 T-shirt (£10.10 / €11.96 from Gunfire- size selected by winner) http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152198781-Koszulka-5-56.html

Three bags of Gunfire Rockets Professional BBs  0,25 g – 1 kg (£5.33 / €6.31 from Gunfire) http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152194857-Kulki-Gunfire-Rockets-Professional-0-25g-1kg.html

Entries are to be submitted by starting a thread and uploading the image on our public forum http://www.europeanairsoftassociation.eu/en/forum/4-public-board.html

Please submit your designs by the 29th April 2013, winners will then be selected by the EAA steering committee. There are no restrictions on shape but in regards to content, we are looking for a logo which is original, shows values of European unity, player solidarity and, of course, airsoft! We would prefer that logos do not include silhouettes of firearms. The winning entrant must, upon completion of the competition, also submit the winning logo in EPS vector image format within an agreed time period and will only receive the prize upon satisfactory receipt of the required format, if not, another entrant may be selected. Participants relinquish all intellectual property rights to submitted designs and design elements. The EAA reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time. The Prize will be mailed to any location on the European continent, in accordance with local laws.

We look forward to seeing your designs over the coming weeks. 2013 is going to be a great year for the world’s only extra-national airsoft association, so make sure your representative airsoft body is involved!



EAA Board Member. Into Airsoft since 2002.

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