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We need help contacting national associations from nations not currently represented within the EAA

As most of you who have visited this site will know, we do not have representation for the majority of the European countries and this must change. consequently, to fix this we NEED your help! Every player stands to benefit from helping the EAA grow its borders so please act now.

Currently, our membership consists of associations from the following nations:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

We need more representation and we are not restricted to EU member states. we need ALL states in Europe to be involved.

If you see that your country is not on this list, and you know of a national association who should represent players in your country, we ask that you leave a comment below with their details or send us a message via our Facebook page here:

In order for us to succeed in Brussels, we need to show we have the support of the majority of Airsoft players and associations within Europe. if you are not yet a member of your national association, Please register and encourage your friends to do the same. 2016 has shown that a unified voice for Airsoft in Europe is absolutely necessary to protect the hobby that brings so many new friends together.


EAA Board Member. Into Airsoft since 2002.

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